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Sunday, 1 December 2013


More Hidden Than A Crawling Ant !

Riyyah Means Doing Actions For Attaining People's Pleasure Instead Of Almighty ALLAH 's Pleasure.For Example , There Is A Person Who Prolongs His Sajda Not For Allah But For People That They Will Say That He Is So Pious.A Person Who Does Good Deeds Just For Attaining Good Social Reputation But Not For ALLAH.

We Are Living In The Society Where People Do Not Feel Any Shame In Showing Off.Women Wear Expensive Clothes , Not For Covering Their Body But To Show Off That How Rich They Are.
Men Buy Expensive Cars Etc To Show Off.Some People Do Not Even Feel Shame In Advertising Their Charity Activities.

Riyyah Can Not Be Detected By Anyone Except ALLAH ,Even The Person Who Is Doing It At Times Is Not Aware Of It Unless He Practice Khalis Ikhlaas.

Showing Off Is A Big Sin.In Islam It Is Regarded As Shirk.If A Man Beautifies His Prayer Just For ,Other Man Is Watching Him Then He Is Doing Shirk.
Whoever Will Do Deeds Of Akhira For This World Will Not Get Any Share In Akhira.
Firstly : We Should Avoid Riyyah and Secondly We Should Not Stop Doing Good Deeds For The Fear Of Riyyah.

The Trick To Avoid Riyyah Is Not Caring About People That , What Do They Think Of Us And Of Our Deeds.Riiyyah Is More Hidden Than A Crawling Ant.

In Islam There Is A Prescribed Dua To Seek Refuge ALLAH's Refuge From This Sin.

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